1. White PV display and new LCD with greatly improved visibility.
  2. 100 times higher contrast ratio than the E50Z.
  3. A compact body with large display characters for easy reading even from a distance.
  4. This helps to reduce human error.
  5. The white LCD display is easy to read in the subdued lighting conditions.
  6. The display remains easy to read even from wide viewing angles.
  7. The compact and space-saving design of the new controller generation requires less space behind the panel (60 mm), allowing quick snap-mounting and easy installation even under very cramped conditions.
  8. With key features like simplicity in operation, Omron’s patented PID control, and 50ms sampling period, the E5CC/E5CC-U/E5EC/E5AC/E5DC sets a new standard in fast and precise temperature regulation.
  9. Sampling period:50ms
  10. Sampling Rate Sufficient to Handle Rapid Increases in Temperature.
  11. Independent heating/cooling PID
  12. The heating and cooling PID can each be set individually. Also, autotuning (AT) will automatically set the PID constants.


Power supply voltage

A in model number: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 

Operating voltage range

85% to 110% of rated supply voltage

Power consumption

Models with option selection of 000:5.2 VA max. at 100 to 240 VAC, and 3.1 VA max. at 
24 VAC or 1.6 W max. at 24 VDC 
All other models: 6.5 VA max. at 100 to 240 VAC, and 4.1 VA max. at 24 VAC or 2.3 W 
max. at 24 VDC

Sensor input

Temperature input 
Thermocouple: K, J, T, E, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, or PL II 
Platinum resistance thermometer: Pt100 or JPt100 
Infrared temperature sensor (ES1B): 10 to 70°C, 60 to 120°C, 115 to 165°C, or 
140 to 260°C 
Analog input 
Current input: 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 20 mA 
Voltage input: 1 to 5 V, 0 to 5 V, or 0 to 10 V

Input impedance

Current input: 150 Ω max., Voltage input: 1 MΩ min. 
(Use a 1:1 connection when connecting the ES2-HB/THB.)

Control method

ON/OFF control or 2-PID control (with auto-tuning)


Relay output

SPST-NO, 250 VAC, 3 A (resistive load), electrical life: 100,000 operations, minimum 
applicable load: 5 V, 10 mA 

Voltage output 
(for driving SSR)

Output voltage: 12 VDC ± 20% (PNP), max. load current: 21 mA, with short-circuit 
protection circuit

Linear current 

4 to 20 mA DC/0 to 20 mA DC, load: 500 Ω max., resolution: approx. 10,000


Number of outputs



SPST-NO relay outputs, 250 VAC, Models with 2 outputs: 3 A (resistive load), 
Electrical life: 100,000 operations, Minimum applicable load: 10 mA at 5 V


Number of inputs

2 or 4 (depends on model)

External contact 

Contact input: ON: 1 kΩ max., OFF: 100 kΩ min.

Non-contact input: ON: Residual voltage: 1.5 V max., OFF: Leakage current: 0.1 mA max.

Current flow: Approx. 7 mA per contact

Setting method

Digital setting using front panel keys

Indication method

11-segment digital display and individual indicators 
Character height: PV: 15.2 mm, SV: 7.1 mm

Multi SP

Up to eight set points (SP0 to SP7) can be saved and selected using event inputs, key 
operations, or serial communications.

Other functions

Manual output, heating/cooling control, loop burnout alarm, SP ramp, other alarm 
functions, heater burnout (HB) alarm (including SSR failure (HS) alarm), 40% AT, 100% 
AT, MV limiter, input digital filter, self tuning, PV input shift, run/stop, protection 
functions, temperature status display, moving average of input value

Ambient operating 

-10 to 55°C (with no condensation or icing), 
for 3-year warranty: -10 to 50°C (with no condensation or icing)

Ambient operating humidity

25% to 85%

Storage temperature

-25 to 65°C (with no condensation or icing)


2,000 m max.

Recommended fuse

T2A, 250 VAC, time lag, low shut-off capacity

Installation environment

Installation Category II, Pollution Class 2 (IEC 61010-1 compliant)


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