HB Series of microwave motion sensor module are X-Band Mono-static DRO Doppler transceiver front-end module. These modules are designed for movement detection, like intruder alarms, occupancy modules and other innovative ideas.The module consists of Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (DRO),microwave mixer and patch antenna.


The HB100 module consists of Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (DRO), microwave mixer and patch antenna. The module operates at +5 Vdc for Continious wave (CW) operation, but module can be powered by +5V low duty cycle pulsed trains in order to reduce its power consumption (sample & hold circuit at the IF output is required for pulse operation). The following indicators should be considered when using the HB100 module.

  1. There is no user adjustable part in this module to set the transmit frequency and power of the module
  2. The module must be mounted with the antenna patches facing to the desired detection zone
  3. The magnitude of the Doppler Shift (output from IF) is proportional to reflection of transmitted energy and is in the range of microvolts ( μV), and the frequency of Doppler shift is proportional to the velocity of motion (typical human walking generates Doppler shift below 100 Hz)
  4. The received signal strength (RSS) is the voltage measured of the Doppler shift at the IF output
  5. Special attention has to be given to the interference pick up from fluorescent light, as the 100/120 Hz noise is closed to the Doppler frequency generated by human movement. Similarly, rapid switching of certain devices (relay,motor, etc.) may generate high magnitude of transient noise at the IF terminal
  6. DC level exists at the IF output and its polarity can be positive or negative. Its magnitude may vary over temperature. AC coupling is recommended for IF output connection

 pin diagram


  1. Low current consumption (30mA typical)
  2. CW or Pulse operation
  3. Flat profile
  4. Long detection range
  5. Supply voltage: 4.75V and 5.25V
  6. X band frequency: 10.525 GHz (typical)
  7. Radiated power (EIRP): 12 dBm (minimum)


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